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7 Code Completion

Code Completion, or perhaps “Intellisense” is a difficult problem to get working in Emacs. To use the CEDET suite to do it, you will need to start by augmenting the basic CEDET install in your .emacs file with:

     (require 'semantic/canned-configs)

Basic code helpers enable idle parsing and summary mode. To get idle-completions mode, and some more decorative features, use:

     (require 'semantic/canned-configs)

TODO - add other handy bindings here.

For more on configuration see Semantic Configuration. section of the semantic manual for more details about these features.

The basic idea is that Semantic will need to parse your source code and build lookup tables. The tables are then searched to provide the completion you might be looking for.

To improve the things Semantic can find and complete with, you then need to configure a few more things. This is done mainly by providing details on where Semantic can find the source code where your tag definitions are.

For more, see Semantic search configuration.

Once you've optimized semantic's ability to find your sources, there are several code completion options. For more, see semantic analyzer.

If code completion doesn't work on your code right away, please read the section on see Smart Completion Debugging.