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4 JDEE Target

JDEE, or the Java Development Environment, depends on CEDET for both EIEIO, the object system, and Semantic, for parsing and providing tagging information.

In addition to the basic CEDET configuration, you will likely want to add the following Semantic configuration to your .emacs file.

     (require 'semantic/canned-configs)

This provides basic idle-time parsing of files, and persistence to support the semantic APIs.

If you would like to use more of the Semantic tools for your coding in Java, you may want to enable this instead:

     (require 'semantic/canned-configs)

or the fancier

     (require 'semantic/canned-configs)

See the see Semantic Configuration. section of the semantic manual for more details about these features.

The JDEE doesn't act as an EDE project type as used by CEDET to manage smart completion. As such, you will need to also have a Java based project associated with your JDEE project.

You can set this up using the java-root project type. Basic setup is like this:

     (ede-java-root-project "MYPROJ" :file "/home/user/projects/myProj"
     		      :srcroot '( "src" )
     		      :classpath nil

See the commentary for ede/java-root.el for more details.