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6 Project Management

If you are looking for CEDET to help you manage a project full of sourcecode, then you will be using EDE and semantic.

To enable EDE add this to your .emacs file after CEDET is loaded:

     (global-ede-mode 1)

You can use EDE to define your projects. If you are starting a new project, put a file from your new project into a buffer, and type:

     M-x ede-new RET

Now select either “Make” or “Automake”, which determines the underlying build technology to use for compilation.

Use the menu to add targets. You can then use either Speedbar or dired to populate your targets with files.

For more details, see the see EDE reference manual.

In addition to EDE and basic CEDET configuration, you will likely want to add the following semantic configuration to your .emacs file.

     (require 'semantic/canned-configs)

See the see Semantic Configuration. section of the semantic manual for more details about these features.

You may also want to enable the SRecode template insertion mode.

     (srecode-minor-mode 1)

Both semantic and SRecode take advantage of EDE's knowledge of a projects structure.