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1.2 Semantic

semantic is a parser generator, lexical analyzer, parser development environment, parser, tag generation and management system. Build on this is a persistent tag management system database and search utility. Code analysis and completion generation is also provided. semantic includes tools such as speedbar interfaces to tags, context analysis, and completion options, Popup smart completion, tag decoration, and support for a wide range of Emacs tools such as Imenu, which-func, hippie-expand, isearch, and cut/copy/paste.

For high level overviews, configuration advice, etc, please read see Semantic Manual.

If you are an application developer and need to know the functions and concepts, see the Application Development Manual.

To support a new language, see the Language Support Developer's Guide.

To use the grammar writing environment, and write in the rule based language, see the Grammar Framework Manual.

For details on the original semantic LL parser, see the Bovine Parser Manual.

For details on the Bison-like LALR parser, see the Wisent Parser Manual.