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15 Documentation

It is possible to automatically create documentation for your classes in texinfo format by using the tools in the file eieio-doc.el

— Command: eieiodoc-class class indexstring &optional skiplist

This will start at the current point, and create an indented menu of all the child classes of, and including class, but skipping any classes that might be in skiplist. It will then create nodes for all these classes, subsection headings, and indexes.

Each class will be indexed using the texinfo labeled index indexstring which is a two letter description. See (texinfo) New Indices.

To use this command, the texinfo macro

          @defindex @var { indexstring }

where indexstring is replaced with the two letter code.

Next, an inheritance tree will be created listing all parents of that section's class.

Then, all the slots will be expanded in tables, and described using the documentation strings from the code. Default values will also be displayed. Only those slots with :initarg specified will be expanded, others will be hidden. If a slot is inherited from a parent, that slot will also be skipped unless the default value is different. If there is a change, then the documentation part of the slot will be replace with an @xref back to the parent.

This command can only display documentation for classes whose definitions have been loaded in this Emacs session.