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2.3.4 put Decl

The %put statement assigns properties to keywords (see keyword Decl). For instance, the predefined summary property assigns a help string to a keyword. The help string is used by semantic-idle-summary-mode for on-the-fly help.

— %-Decl: %put keyword-name property value
— %-Decl: %put keyword-name {property1 value1 ...}
— %-Decl: %put {keyword-name1 ...} property value
— %-Decl: %put {keyword-name1 ...} {property1 value1 ...}

Give to keyword-name, or to several keyword-names, a single property with value, or a set of propertys with respective values.

Is a terminal symbol defined as a keyword.
Is a property name, which is a valid Emacs Lisp symbol.
Is a property value, a valid Emacs Lisp constant expression.

Keyword properties are stored in the keyword table (see keyword Decl). The following API can be used to handle properties at run time.

— Function: semantic-lex-keyword-put name property value

For keyword with NAME, set its PROPERTY to VALUE.

Compatibility: semantic-lex-keyword-put introduced in semantic version 2.0 supercedes semantic-flex-keyword-put which is now obsolete.

— Function: semantic-lex-keyword-get name property

For keyword with NAME, return its PROPERTY value.

Compatibility: semantic-lex-keyword-get introduced in semantic version 2.0 supercedes semantic-flex-keyword-get which is now obsolete.