doc-present: Present slides using Emacs

Recently I've been using TikZ a lot to create nice looking slides for my presentations. However, I also noticed that pretty much all the PDF viewers using libpoppler were unable to correctly render those. The only flawless one was mupdf, but it doesn't have a proper fullscreen mode (at least not in its stable version).

Since I was fed up with all those PDF viewers and their lacking capabilities for doing proper presentations anyway, I decided that yet once again, Emacs will have to save the day.

Emacs ships with doc-view, which is able to show PDFs by converting them through ghostscript into images. The rendering quality is excellent and pretty much flawless (you'll have to increase the default resolution, though). It was a bit of a struggle to correctly display images fullscreen in Emacs, but I think it's working really well now. The only thing I'm not entirely happy with is the speed, since there's a noticeable delay when switching slides, but I think it's tolerable.

So here are the features in a nutshell:
- Presenter screen showing a stop-watch timer, current slide number, local time, current slide and next slide, as well as notes which you can put into an Org file.
- Overview mode which shows miniatures of your slides, so that you can quickly jump between slides in your Q&A.
- Black out slide
- No fancy slide transitions (yeah!)
- Infinite hackability

Get it from here:"

Obligatory screenshots: